Learning Style Questionnaire

Learning Style Questionnaire

You may already know what type of learner you are but if you don’t or want to check then answer the following questions.

Complete the following sentences with the one answer, which best describes you. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer.

  1. When learning something new, I need to:
    1. read information and see diagrams about it
    2. listen to a lecture or discuss it
    3. try it out, build a model, or touch the materials
  2. When assembling equipment or furniture, I prefer to:
    1. read the directions and examine the diagrams first
    2. listen to someone tell me what to do or talk me through it
    3. work with the pieces and figure out what to do myself
  3. When giving or receiving directions to a new address, I usually:
    1. draw a map and write out the directions
    2. have someone explain the directions to me
    3. just go there and find my way
  4. The following is true for me:
    1. I prefer to write things down and make notes to learn well
    2. I prefer to hear discussions or recordings of critical information to learn well
    3. I prefer to participate in an experiment or demonstration to learn well
  5. After meeting someone I usually remember:
    1. how he/she looked
    2. what he/she said
    3. what he/she did
  6. When learning vocabulary, I prefer to:
    1. write the words alone or in sentences
    2. repeat the words aloud by themselves or say them aloud in sentence
    3. walk around, move around and do something while learning the words
  7. When spelling a word, I usually:
    1. write out the word
    2. spell the word out loud
    3. write the word in the air
  8. I enjoy:
    1. reading and writing exercises
    2. listening exercises
    3. activities in which I take part, role-play, etc.
  9. When I am trying to concentrate, I am most distracted by:
    1. people and things I see around me
    2. sounds and noises I hear around me
    3. movements or physical activities going on around me
  10. When I think of a movie I have seen, I remember best:
    1. what the people and places in the movie looked like
    2. what the characters said and how the music sounded
    3. what the characters did and how they felt
  11. When I am trying to memorize something, I prefer to:
    1. write it repeatedly
    2. say it aloud repeatedly
    3. do something repeatedly
  12. I prefer to homework in which I can:
    1. hand in an essay or written assignment
    2. give an oral presentation
    3. lead a demonstration or activity
  13. The following is true for me:
    1. I really like reading books and magazines
    2. I really like listening to music
    3. I really like going on field trips, etc.
  14. I prefer:
    1. art
    2. music
    3. dance/sculpture
  15. In a class or seminar, I usually:
    1. take lots of notes about what the teacher is saying
    2. listen carefully and don’t make many notes
    3. draw pictures while listening

Learning Style Quiz Results

After you have finished completing the Learning Styles Quiz, add up the total number you have circled of each letter. It should be pretty clear which answers correspond to each learning style:

  1. corresponds to a visual learning style
  2. to auditory
  3. to tactile-kinesthetic


Based on this information, you will be able to fill in the following profile for yourself.


My main learning style is ___________.
My secondary learning style is ___________.
My tertiary learning style is ___________.

Use this information to make informed decisions about how you learn in the future. You’ll remember more, use your studying time more efficiently, and will enjoy the process!

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