Learning Journey

Krystyn’s learning journey

Krystyn is a young lady who has left school not so long ago. She gained work at an organisation where she opted into a traineeship-learning program. This meant that the organisation was able to get an incentive payment from the government and Krystyn was able to learn and develop new skills.

When I first met Krystyn she felt that she didn’t have the skills to complete the online assessments and struggled to complete her learning program for each unit. This meant that as the facilitator and assessor of the program I needed to ensure that Krystyn developed confidence in her abilities to learn new things. I did this through constantly re-enforcing Krystyn’s successes. Krystyn was encouraged to ask questions to clarify any thing she didn’t understand.

At first Krystyn was a little reticent to send through a query but as I continually responded without any judgement by just answering her questions she became more confident in sending anything through to me that she didn’t quite understand.

I also encouraged Krystyn to develop a routine of study ie. Doing a little bit of work on her units each week. This enabled Krystyn not to forget where she was up to in her learning and progress at a steady pace through her work.

Through developing Krystyn’s confidence in herself and giving her strategies to use to help her progress, Krystyn found ways to become a ‘more effective learner’. She embraced the discomfort of learning and spaced out her study so she didn’t forget what she had learnt. By scheduling just a short space of time between her learning Krystyn was able to:

  • Recommence without any memory issues
  • Undertake some relearning which helped her in remembering long term
  • Transfer some skills into her workplace
  • Complete her qualification without any problems

Krystyn made the following comment at the successful completion of her course:

“ I learnt so much about myself and how I learn through putting Debi’s strategies in place. It wasn’t easy but it enabled me to develop new skills and then share them with my colleagues in the workplace. Management was very pleased with my progress and they offered me a full time, permanent position.”

Through asking questions, putting a study plan in place and making connections in many contexts Krystyn was able to complete her qualification in 6 months. The company she worked for saw how diligent she was and offered her a full time job. What better outcome could you ask for!

Krystyn is now settling into her new role and thinking about what course she will complete next. You never know it may lead to a promotion. When are you going to start your next learning program?

Written by Debi – Krystyn’s BLC facilitator

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  • I learnt so much about myself and how I learn through putting Debi’s strategies in place. ...develop new skills and then share them ... in the workplace.

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